Sunday, July 10, 2011

Julia Galloway - Functional Ceramics

Julia Galloway is a functional potter, which means that her art may be used to perform common tasks such as hold your coffee.   Click here for Julia Galloway's Biography

I think more than anything else in my daily routine, my morning cup of coffee is about as sacred a ceremony as it can be.  Cupping my favorite (or the only clean) mug in my palms and absorbing that delicious brew can make or break my day.  That is why this first piece, or installation, made such an impact on me.


She compared this piece to the "Book of Hours" and compared books to her cups.  To paraphrase, both can fill us!  Brilliant!

The second piece I chose to comment on is:
tea pot

I love this piece because of how the decorations are all reminiscent of different pottery found across time and earth.

The last piece of Julia Galloway I wish to comment on is:

stacking dish set

It is not only a gorgeous piece of art, but it reminds me so much of the art of Cake making, and is very reminiscent of cakes.

I am thoroughly impressed by this artist, her vision and her functional art.  EAT CAKE!

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